Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Signs A Church Is In Trouble

Yesterday on The Pastor's Perspective we discussed a study done by Thom Rainer called "10 Signs A Church Is In Trouble."  Here is the list.

  1. If the pastor does not have adequate time to be in the Word or if he chooses no to do so.
  2. If the members are spending time arguing about how money should be spent.
  3. If none or only a few of the key leaders are actively sharing their faith.
  4. If there is no clear process of discipleship in place, just a plethora of programs and activities.
  5. If corporate prayer is not a major emphasis in the church.
  6. If church members are arguing about worship styles or worship times.
  7. If church members expect the paid staff to do most of the ministry, instead of the staff equipping the members to do the work of the ministry.  ("Why didn't he visit me in the hospital?")
  8. If there are ongoing disagreements about matters of the church facilities.
  9. If the church has more meetings than new disciples.
  10. If the leadership of the church does not have a coherent plan for what is taught in small groups and Sunday School classes.

Mr. Rainer said that if four or more of these signs were present he would let the leadership know that remedial efforts were in order.  He said that if six or more signs were present then the congregation was in immediate trouble.

Do you see any of these signs in your church?  

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